Signs of Relationship Problem


By the time you reading this, I am probably at the outlet where I am currently working as a full-time worker because I am having 5 months of semester break! Should I be happy or nah? thank you UiTM Di Hatiku.

Not all relationship lasts longer or forever. Sometimes, it may comes to its end. Why? That is because of problems the partners face during their relationship times. The inability to save their relationship may leads to separation. Thus, it is all up to the partners self to endure the challenges & overcome their problems together.

Online Buyers, Please Read


I always always think about this topic. I think I really should say my mind. I'm an online buyer too, but i'm not saying that I'm the best buyer anyone can have. I do feel how pressure it is when buyers ask too many questions about the product that has been stated on the caption right away. I am an online seller, and I really know the pain when customers ask such thing.

Things I'd Like to Improve On My Blog


I never feel so satisfied with my blog design, content & all. Because for me, all I did has it's cons. Well, of course, I am just an amateur blogger so I have much to improve on my blog. For your information, something just made me wanted to stop blogging because it saddened me so bad when someone talk bad about my blog straight into my face. Who doesn't?

RM 2 Haul


April is just around the corner and guess what? I am going to face my final examination real soon which is this Tuesday and ends on the mid of April. Then what? 5 months of holiday! I don't know whether I should be happy or nah, I just want to finish my study ASAP.

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