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Tips Before Travelling

I've been for a short travel with my friends before. Well, I am very honoured to share with guys some tips that lying under lifestyle labels. However, I was very busy that I did not get the chance to even write up anything for past few days.
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Instagram Accounts to Follow

I was very busy with my student life at school, so I really have no time to write or even sneaking a minute to look at my blog. This semester is the most busiest semester ever for me as I have 7 core subjects. Oh well, that's student life that I need to face. Welp.

My Go-to-class Makeup

This is my long ago drafted blog post. Now, I think it's time for me to publish it since it's rotten in my draft xD Beauty/makeup post take it turns, again. Well here you go, My Go-to Class Makeup.

Mr. Dakgalbi Restaurant Review

Have you guys ever been here before? Well, I found out something really exciting at AEON Mall Bandaraya Melaka that are... Mr Dakgalbi & Boat Noodle is coming in here! I don't have to go far because AEON is really just around the corner to my house!

Daily Diary : New Semester in Rembau

September 10
You know what, I already in semester 4, one year left before I graduate from my Diploma. I feel so lucky & how time flies so fast. 5 months of semester break has passed, I am now back to my normal student life!

Short Getaway at Port Dickson

Ready yourself a cup of tea because it's going to be a long post. Before I head to Rembau in just few days left, I managed to plan a visit to Port Dickson with my workmates as all of us have resigned to further our studies exclude the one in blue scarf hehe. It went totally miserable to choose where to go with our limited money and time.

August Wrap Up

August has been such a very memorable month for me as it is the last month of me working & having cuppa tea at home cuz I will be leaving home in a few days before I head to Rembau. Surprisingly, I actually listed to be a college residence so I AM VERY EXCITED! No house rents, no no no.