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Beauty Haul from Hermo

It's already August & I only have one month left before I'm going to start my new semester on September, and will be moving to Rembau, rent a house, no more college 😢 I'm so excited to have a new phase of my student life there as my faculty moved to the new campus (it's full with Kelapa Sawit. Wish me luck)

Ramen Challenge II


Well, this is my second post about Ramen Challenge I did with my whole squad! Who doesn't like spicy food, you guys can raise your hand! let's be on my team, for sure. Well, I have shared a post of me & my friend had Ramen Challenge before this since it was my very first time makan ramen & yes, I was totally miserable at best. 

Agree or Disagree with Nadia Nordin


Hi Assalamualaikum everyone.

Well, I bet everyone is aware about Nadia Nordin, am i right? Okay, this post is not really about Nadia nordin because I don't want aib dia & rakannya tu tersebar lagi. It is enough lah siapa yang tahu about nadia Nordin & who doesn't. One more time, I want to highlight here that this post is not about the situation happened!
What I am going to tell you here is are you guys agree or disagree with her action? & also my opinion based on her action.

Ramen Challenge I


Hi & Assalamualaikum Guys!

Today, I'm going to share with you my experience when i'm having spicy ramen. Well, I love to give it a try but then, ah. It's too spicy that I can't handle it. I bet you guys are so familiar with 'Ramen Challenge' that has been spreaded all over Malaysia. Yes, I have made the challenge too, twice.

Flirtationship or Friend Zone


Assalamualaikum & Hi everyone.
Okay, for now I would like to make a post about flirtationship & friend zone. What you guys know about these two? Yeah, it seems accurate & same but it is not. At first juga, I thought both of this are the same thing, unfortunately I was wrong. So, I have made some researches on google, internet & some sources about what is flirtationship & what is friend zone.

Review : Trendy Sandals on Zalora


Assalamualaikum & Hi everyone!
Today's post is dedicated to all shopaholic out there! Have you guys even been in "sandal mood?"

I bet everyone knows this online shopping website which is now available in Google Play & App Store. Yes, it is Zalora! As you know, Zalora has some exclusive brands that is featured on it, also maybe your favorite brands!