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My Go-to-class Makeup

This is my long ago drafted blog post. Now, I think it's time for me to publish it since it's rotten in my draft xD Beauty/makeup post take it turns, again. Well here you go, My Go-to Class Makeup.

December Bloglist Result


At first, I don't think announcing my December bloglist is a must but then I think that this post is to inform those who join my December bloglist segment about the winners. Not really 'winners', they are all lucky bloggers! A big thanks to for helping me, a lot 😋

What's on Shoppe_my?


Hi guys! Do you know Shoppe_my? Well of course not. Hahahaha it's my igshop that I handled since I was 16 or 17. I started running my igshop when I was a dropshipper of an igshop selling tote bags. But then I started my own business with bawal crepe. It was totally a successful business for me until I started my life as a student & I decided to stop my business.

100+ Blog Post Ideas


Whenever I am out of idea to write on blog, this will be my must-do post for all bloggers who are having trouble in choosing what post are you going to make. Well, this just crossed my mind & I did nothing that time so I type anything I like on notes in my laptop & it is very surprising when it reaches more than 100 blog post ideas. I type everything that crossed my mind but I seriously never thought it would be this way.

Wordless Wednesday : Learn to Live


December Bloglist


It's near to the end of November so let's start my new monthly routine to post an entry about being my bloglist! Do not worry guys, you only have to follow the most simple rules you will ever see on this earth (yeah right, whatever).

SAVEE Products at RM 1


Who doesn't wear skincare, am I right? Yes, it doesn't matter how many types of skincare brand you use, it's all a must-have for us, especially girls! Who doesn't love their skin btw? Well, I was totally shocked when I get to know that there are this brand which offers RM 1 for most of the items they are selling. I couldn't help myself but expense it as much as I can!

Wordless Wednesday : Thank You vs Sorry


10 Things I Learned being a Student


Well, this is going to be a long long post. Get yourself a cup of coffee. Being a student is not easy; there are so much ups & down in students' life. Despite the bitterness of the lifetime being a student, there are also some sweet memories we can gain from our university/college. Well, I can say university life taught me a lot about life. It's not about ourselves but also, people we deal with.

6 Types Of Love


This topic crossed my mind when i was studying for my final exam paper which is Interpersonal Communication. In chapter 9 in the book, the topic is Interpersonal Relationships : Friendship & Romance which is the most favorite chapter for me. Since this chapter is for my final exam & I studied it well, I think it is one of the best topic for me to share with you guys! Well, there are some cool & informative topics i would like to share with you in this book, just stay tuned but for now, let us talk about 6 Types of Love.

Favourite Place to Eat


I love to eat, obviously, especially when I go out with my friend(s), I surely will hunt the food first before anything else. Well, I am food lover because food is life. Whatever it is, food is always number 1. And, I can say that I spend a lot on food better & greater than anything else include the makeup, clothes and else. There are 3 places I love, really love to go to satisfy my tummy. This 3 places are must-go whenever I passes them or even I am going nearby this 3 places.

A Bucket of Wishlist


Yes, everyone has their own wishlist. I compile everything in a post but I think I'm not listing it all. I still have some things that will be my wishlists but did not cross my mind this time, so here is a bucket of my wishlists. This post is just for fun, I think I need to think about making a bombastic post for all my blog readers. Well, this is all I have for you!