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Beauty Haul from Hermo

It's already August & I only have one month left before I'm going to start my new semester on September, and will be moving to Rembau, rent a house, no more college 😢 I'm so excited to have a new phase of my student life there as my faculty moved to the new campus (it's full with Kelapa Sawit. Wish me luck)

RM 2 Haul


April is just around the corner and guess what? I am going to face my final examination real soon which is this Tuesday and ends on the mid of April. Then what? 5 months of holiday! I don't know whether I should be happy or nah, I just want to finish my study ASAP.

My Makeup Sins


If you are my followers & readers to my blog, you will get to know me that I am not into makeups. I am potentially to have some makeup sins, of course! Actually, I have a lot of makeup sins since I am not into makeups & I also don't really know how to wear makeup properly. Sounds pretty funny, huh?

6 Tips Facing A Breakup


The bitter side of our life is facing a breakup with our partner. I know this sounds so bitter but however, we have to keep moving on & live our life. Nothing can stop you from be happy. Remember that.

Jonker Walk


Jonker Walk is one of the most attractive place can be found in Melaka, Malaysia. One of the reason why Jonker Walk is popular is because there, you can see many cultures symbol & people there, and also some old buildings that is now transformed into a new-antique wall painting that totally attract people.