Name was given is Azreen Sofia bt Abdullah. A full-time student & a part-time business woman for my own igshop. I dream big, but I think I act less. Maybe. I was born on 3rd January 1997 & yes, I'm in adult phase already. I'm a student of Diploma in Communication & Media Studies at UiTM Alor Gajah Melaka. I want to be a TV host someday, or maybe any kind of jobs that related to Public Relation (PR), 

I was born in General Hospital Ipoh, but I live in Melaka. I was ever raised at Subang Jaya for 2 or 3 years back then before moving to Melaka. My passion about blogging is because I love to type anything that crossed my mind. I want to communicate with people all around the webs because it is one of the first step for being a public relation person. 

I started blogging when i was 13, 6 years back then but I decided to stop when I was 16. And now, I started to active blogging since I have to be more exposed to the surrounding world. My blog is general so, have fun!

Feel ree to read my tumblr where I post about my weekly routine in class : azreensofia.tumblr.com

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